Dear Parents,

The priority of our organization is the safety of our students and employees. With the current situation in Hong Kong, not only have parents and students been experiencing difficulties attending scheduled classes, our staff members have also been feeling uneasy. As a result, we will be adopting a more flexible approach toward our centers’ opening hours and lesson scheduling, to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Fundamentally, we do not want parents to feel obligated to bring their children to lessons amid a tumultuous environment.

Please therefore see the following policies:

1. All classes unable to be attended due to safety concerns, travel interruptions, schedule changes, or absent teachers will all be made up at a later date unconditionally.

2. Centers will endeavor to notify parents at least one hour in advance in the case of class cancellations or center closures.

3. Any students who are struggling with concepts taught in class as a result of interruptions will be provided with extra work to complete at home, which subsequently can be graded by our teachers.

4. In the event of unrest breaking out in close proximity of a center, student safety would be best ensured by staying in the center. We will only be releasing students for pick up when the express consent of each child’s parent or guardian has been granted.

We sincerely hope that these new measures will mitigate the negative impact of events occurring in Hong Kong. Should there be any questions or concerns, please contact your center representatives.

Ricky Sung

Chief Executive Officer